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Automotive Marking

Full life cycle traceability is being increasingly adopted by the Automotive industry.  Some implementations require simple human readable identification such as VIN numbers as well as a growing number of applications utilising 2d data matrix barcoding with vision systems to read and track the components. 

Utilising the SIC Scribe marking systems for VIN marking on the chassis a depth of up to 0.8mm can be achieved.  The SIC Dot Markers (dot peen) are used for a variety of applications from raw material through to finished alloy wheel trims.  They can be supplied with a vacuum clamping system for marking on non magnetic and painted surfaces and electromagnetic clamping for non painted surfaces.   Where integration is required, a range of different sized heads are available that can integrate with virtually any manufacturing operation, assembly line or robotic application. 

Electrochemical marking is ideal for marking logos on components such as exhaust pipes and catalytic converters as well as marking thin walled section.  We also specialise in providing a system for analysisng stress in sheet metal forming for car body panels.

The SIC range of fiber lasers are modular and ideal for integrated applications predominantly on metal components as well as some hydrocarbon based plastics.

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