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Advanced high speed benchtop marking system delivers high precision consistent marking aided by the Autosense function, making it ideal for the most demanding applications for both data matrix codes and human readable text.

All the features of the e10-c153 plus:

Autosense feature enables the marking head to descend automatically to the part whereby the stylus will touch the component and the back off a pre programmed distance to ensure consistent marking depth. This negates the need for a manual z axis height adjustment.

Can mark stepped components and inside recesses.

New high brightness LED lighting under the marking head illuninates the component to assist setup and placement.

Software can be configured to abort the marking cycle if a component is not sensed.

Meets the latest Aerospace standards for data matrix marking.

Can handle up to 3000 parts per day.

Robust construction with steel column and cast iron base.

e10-c153za e10-c153za - alternative image a e10-c153za - alternative image b e10-c153za - alternative image c e10-c153za - alternative image d

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