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e10-p63 and e10-p123

Advanced portable marking system for marking a wide range of components.  Lightweight, robust and reliable it utilises quiet electromagnetic stylus and can mark flat, concave/convex surfaces, circular parts on rough or machined surfaces.

e10-p63 - 60mm x 25mm marking window

e10-p123 - 120mm x 25mm or 120mm x 40mm marking window

  • Up to 0.5mm marking depth
  • Up to 5 chars per second marking speed
  • Robust construction with cast aluminium body.  ABS cover and stainless steel front plate combine to make it tough but lightweight
  • e10-p123 has LED lighting of the marking area and also has booster card option: e10D-p123 to enable deep marking on hardened steels
  • Hand held marking gun isconnected to the e10 controller by a robotic cable
  • Marking gun foot has a V shaped front with anti-slip surface which gives good stability
  • Vacuum suction cups or magnetic clamp options
  • Two controller options - e10 and e10R both have a colour screen and enhanced connectivity and the e10R is more compact and configured so connectors can be set upwards or downwards and is adapted for vertical mounting with an optional kit for  mounting on DIN rails.
  • The comprehensive software is fully programmable and allows linear, angular, radial and mirror image marking as well as datamatrix coding.
  • Self diagnostic and machine history functions included.
  • Sic Tools Software library
  • Wide range of accessories

Mechanical & Electronic Features

e10-p63 - 60mm x 25mm marking window

e10-p123 - 120mm x 25mm or 120mm x 40mm marking window

  • Robotic cable 7.5m, up to 15m as an option
  • 60mm standard carbide stylus
  • V shaped front foot with anti-slip surface.
  • Adjustable memory front plate.
  • Marking files can be entered by PC or edited directly via the controller.
  • e10 controller microprocessor for quick start and smooth browsing
  • e10 protected within a fully enclosed steel cabinet IP40 (no opening or fans)
  • e10 high resolution colour screen 480 x 272 pixels
  • Stylus stroke up to 8mm and up to 270mm with optional column
  • Power 300 watt.
  • Power supply - single phase, 85 to 260VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Number of controlled axis - 2 (optional 3rd/4th axis to control motorized column and/or rotary axis)



  • Marking files more than 2000
  • Memory 7110kb
  • Alphanumeric characters - serial numbers, date coding
  • Logos downoad from PC
  • Datamatrix up to 348 characters, 48 x 48dots
  • Fonts - Arial, Courier, OCR OCRA
  • Marking orientation linear, radial, angular,inverse, mirror
  • Speed up to 5 chars per second
  • Character size from 0.1mm to 99mm
  • Adjustable impact force from 0 - 9
  • Marking depth up to 0.5mm
  • Resolution between dots 0.05mm
  • Work shift management - 10 shifts
  • Password protection - 3 security levels
  • Historical function available by password
  • Maintenance assistance - auto diagnostic component
  • Languages vailable - 17



  • Ports RS232, RS422, USBx2 (RS484 Profibus and Ethernet board optional)
  • Inputs/Outputs - 16
  • External keyboard input MINI DIN
  • External output 5V-0.5A and 24V-0.5A
  • Logos - creation and transfer software
  • File backup on PC - USB key for transfer
  • Database link optional


Marking System Weight & Dimensions

p63 marking head weight 3.2kg

p63 dimensions 260 x 139 x 211

p123 marking head weight 3.7kg

p123 dimensions 277 x 207 x 218mm

e10 controller weight 5kg

e10 controller dimensions 322 x 380 x 112mm

e10R controller dimensions 112 x 380 x 222mm or 140 x 380 x 222mm with rail DIN kit option

Vacuum Clamping 

The vacuum clamping system utilises suction cups ideal and holds the marking gun in place for marking onto non magnetic and painted surfaces. The vacuum clamping system has an interlock sensor to indicate if a complete vacuum has been achieved before the mark can be carried out.

Magnetic Clamping 

Two electromagnetic bars fixed to the front of the gun allows electromagnetic clamping for magnetic surfaces.  Utilises one touch clmaping activation.

Portable Cart

Cart and battery option provides complete mobility of system and no need for air.

Armoured Cable

Metal armouring gives additional protection for operation in heavy duty applications and harsh environments.  Contact us for more informatoin.

Column & Base

This option enables mounting of a portable marking head into a set station to obtain a column mounted system.  This is a low cost option to give flexiblity to use the system as a portable or column mounted for small parts.

Hook & Balancing System

Conical drum balances provides perfect marking head balancing in any position. Easy to use catch and drop calbe enables simple position changes.  Hard plastic crankcase for shock-proof protection.   Dimensions 180 x 130 x 188mm, weight 2.9kg, length 2m, load capacity 3-5kg.

Rotary D axis 

Available on any e8 range device or column, allows marking of cylindrical parts around the circumference.  Parts up to 35kg with a diameter up to 250mm. Control software included. 80mm drill chuck. Bits set for clamping parts on the inside, max bore of part 116mm tight. Bits set for clamping parts on the outside, 125mm max diameter clamping.


Button Box

Box with on/off buttons with remote start/stop which allows remote start of marking cycles manually.  Easy plug in with 2.5m connection cable to controller.

Maintenance Kit

Extended maintenance kits contain most common replacement parts for repairs or preventative maintenance.  Includes: Dot peen stylus assembly, origin detector, stylus, spring mechanism, a set of drive belts, vadeline oil lubricant (to be ordered separately).

e10-p63 and e10-p123 e10-p63 and e10-p123 - alternative image a e10-p63 and e10-p123 - alternative image b e10-p63 and e10-p123 - alternative image c e10-p63 and e10-p123 - alternative image d

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