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e1-p63c and e1-p123

An entry level portable marking system ideal for marking large, bulky parts for all types of materials from plastic to steel up to 62Hrc.  Utilises quiet electromagnetic stylus and can mark flat, concave/convex surfaces, circular parts on rough or machined surfaces.

e1-p63c - 60mm x 25mm marking window.

  • Light and compact marking gun weighing in at only 2.6kg
  • Robust cast aluminium body and handle
  • e1 intuitive software with integrated colour screen
  • USB port for simple transfer of marking files
  • Fully programmable, easy to use software
  • All marking types - datamatrix, angular, circular, alphanumeric, logos etc
  • Industrial membrane keyboard
  • Fully enclosed controller - no openings or fans
  • Supplied with carrying case

e1-p123 - 120mm x 40mm marking window (option 120mm x 25mm)

  • Wide marking window
  • V-groove pfront plate with automatic settings for stylus/part distance
  • The e1 integrated controller software is used to program directly through the keyboard.  A Windows tool library also allows programming from a PC.
  • Marking gun foot has a V shaped front with anti-slip surface which gives good stability.
  • Vacuum suction cups or magnetic clamp options.
  • Quiet electromagnetic stylus technology.

Mechanical & Electronic Features

e1-p63c - 60mm x 25mm marking window.

e1-p123 - 120mm x 40mm marking window (option 120mm x 25mm)

  • Standard cable length of 3m but can supply up to 15m length. P123 has stainless steel spring strain relief for cable protection.
  • P123 features V-grooved frint plate with adjustment settings for stylus/part distance as well as LED lighting of marking area
  • Carbide stylus material.
  • Adjustable memory front plate.
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard.
  • Maximum stylus stroke up to 9mm.
  • Power 100W.
  • Power supply 110v or 220v/50-60Hz


  • Marking files up to 20,000 files
  • Memory 100Mb
  • Alaphanumeric characters, serial numbers, date coding, barcode, logos
  • Marking files up/download from a USB Key
  • Fonts Arial, Courier, OCR-Bold, OCRA, OCR 4x6
  • Marking oreintation linear radial, angular, datamatrix, logo
  • Logo marking (option)
  • Speed up to 2.5 characters per second
  • Character size from 1mm 
  • Adjustable impact force from 0-9
  • Marking depth up to 0.3mm on metals (depending on material marked)
  • Resolution between dots 0.05mm
  • Maximum stylus stroke up to 9mm
  • Password protection - 1 security level
  • Languages available - 15



  • USB and Jack
  • Backup, logo creation and transfer software

Marking System Weight & Dimensions

e1-p63c Marking Gun

weight 2.6kg

dimensions 215 x 135 x 203mm


e1-p123 Marking Gun

weight 3.7kg

dimensions 317 x 217 x 218mm


e1 controller

weight 2kg

dimensions 301 x 121 x 87mm

dimensions HD Colour screen 95 x 54mm


Vacuum Clamping (P123 only)

The vacuum clamping system utilises suction cups ideal and holds the marking gun in place for marking onto non magnetic and painted surfaces. The vacuum clamping system has an interlock sensor to indicate if a complete vacuum has been achieved before the mark can be carried out.

Magnetic Clamping (p123)

Two electromagnetic bars fixed to the front of the gun allows electromagnetic clamping for magnetic surfaces.  Utilises one touch clmaping activation.

Column & Base (p123)

This option enables mounting of a portable marking head into a set station to obtain a column mounted system.  This is a low cost option to give flexiblity to use the system as a portable or column mounted for small parts.

Hook & Balancing System (p123)

Conical drum balances provides perfect marking head balancing in any position. Easy to use catch and drop cable enables simple position changes.  Hard plastic crankcase for shock-proof protection.   Dimensions 180 x 130 x 188mm, weight 2.9kg, length 2m, load capacity 3-5kg.


Maintenance Kit

Extended maintenance kits contain most common replacement parts for repairs or preventative maintenance.  Includes: Dot peen stylus assembly, origin detector, stylus, spring mechanism, a set of drive belts, vadeline oil lubricant (to be ordered separately).

e1-p63c and e1-p123 e1-p63c and e1-p123 - alternative image a e1-p63c and e1-p123 - alternative image b e1-p63c and e1-p123 - alternative image c e1-p63c and e1-p123 - alternative image d

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