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Entry level fully contained benchtop marking system ideal for marking small to medium sized parts.  Heavy duty design with steel column and cast iron base makes it a very robust unit.

  • 100mm x 100mm marking window
  • Up to 0.3mm marking depth
  • Up to 2.5 characters per second marking speed
  • Angular and circular marking
  • Marks onto materials up to 62Hrc
  • Integrated control software is fully programmable and extremely user friendly with self explanatory icons
  • Graphical screen and integrated industrial membrane keyboard
  • SIC Tools Software Library enables programming from a PC rather than from the standalone controller
  • Quiet electromagnetic stylus technology
  • An optional 3rd axis (D drive) can be installed with capacity to mark cylindrical parts up to 3kg weight.
  • Requires only one standard single phase power supply (no air)
  • Password protection (one security level)

Mechanical & Electronic Features

  • 100mm x 100mm marking window
  • Carbide stylus
  • Column stroke up to 270mm
  • Power 200w
  • Power supply single phase 100V or 220V/50-60Hz


Software Features

  • Marking files up to 500 files
  • Memory 128kb
  • Alphanumeric characters, serial numbers, date coding
  • Logos download from a PC
  • Fonts Arial, Courier, OCRC, OCRA
  • Marking orientation, Linear, radial, angular
  • Speed up to 2.5 characters per second
  • Character size from 0.1mm to 99mm
  • Impact force 0-9
  • Depth up to 0.3mm on metals (depending on material marked)
  • Resolution between dots 0.05mm
  • Maximum stylus stroke up to 9mm
  • Password protection - 1 security level
  • Languages available - 15



  • POrts RS232, USB
  • Inputs/Outputs - 2 inputs
  • PC based software - Creation and transfer: backups, logos


Marking Dimensions & Weight

EC9 weight - 17kg (no rotary axis) 

Dimensions 240mm x 226mm x 195mm

LCD screen dimensions 70mm x 35mm

Rotary D Axis

For parts up to 150mm diameter and 3kg in weight


Plate Holder

  • Quick & easy clamping
  • Provides constant, repeatable marks
  • Frees up operator during marking operation
  • Quick release for rapid change of parts


Remote Start/Stop Box

  • Box with on / off buttons.
  • Remote system start/stop
  • 2.5 m connection cable to controller
  • Can start marking cycles manually
  • Easy plugging

Maintenance Kit

  • Extended maintenance kits contains most common replacement parts for repairs or preventive maintenance, extending machine life
  • Kit maintenance box items:
  • Dot peen stylus assembly (if dot peen machine)
  • Origin detector
  • Stylus
  • Spring mechanism
  • A set of drive belts (depending on machine type)
  • Vaseline oil lubricant (to be ordered seperately)

180 degree Rotating Column

  • Permits 0 to 180 degree column counter/clockwise rotation
  • Quick and easy positioning by use of two butterfly nuts
  • Rotation of marking head enables marks on large parts

Note: Marking system needs to be securely attached to the workstation





ec9 ec9 - alternative image a ec9 - alternative image b

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