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Integrated Laser

The i103l-g laser marking machine is designed for integration into industrial production lines for traceability and identification.  The compact marking head makes it easy to integrate and can be controlled through the fiber unit controller or easily with a plc interface.  It is capable of producing superior quality marking at high speed with very low operating and maintenance costs.

100 x 100mm marking windows (215mm x 215mm option)

Long life components and low maintenance

Focal distance 160mm

Can be controlled in standalone mode without a PC

Compact marking head for easy integration

Security Class 4

Standard 1d and 2d barcode capability (UID data matrix compliant)

Mechanical & Electronic Features

100 x 100mm marking window (215 x 215mm option)

Pulsed Yterbium laser source

Operation mode pulses (20 to 80kHz)

Wavelength 1064nm

Optical fibre length 3m

Average power 10W, 20W or 50W

Peak power 10kw

Positioning/focus - built-in laser pointer


The i103l-g can operate in standalone mode, connected to the product PLC. Therefore, the creation of files and setting of parameters can  be deone from a PC via the sofware, SIC Laser Advanced.  A full range of adjustments can be made in order to optimize the cycle time, or improve contrast and colours, by mainly changing speed, frequency and power.

Easy to use Windows based programming interface

Multi lingual: English, French, German, Chinese (possibility to have other languages)

Full file editor (editing by keyboard and mouse)

Flexibility in specifying laser parameters (scanning speed, frequency)

File import and management with Windows (bmp, plt, dxf, ai, svg…)

Marking 1D and 2D codes (Data Matrix)

All true-type fonts available for marking 

Database integration


Marking System Weight & Dimensions

Controller Weight 19kg

Marking Head Weight 5kg

integrated laser

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