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Laser Marker - L-Box & XL-Box

The L-Box and XL-Box Fiber Laser marking system are designed table-top stations equipped with Ytterbium laser source.  It is simple to use, has a compact footprint and really good access opening on 3 sides with interior lighting.  

L-Box 100 x 100mm marking window (170 x 170mm option)

XL-Box 170mm x 170mm (option 210 x 210mm)

Long life components & low maintenance

L-Box max component dimensions 235mm high x 450mm long.  Working area of 370mm x 450mm.

XL-Box max component dimensions 263mm high x 560mm long.  Working area of 550 x 560mm

Soft door opening and closing on L-Box and XL-Box features automatic door and motorized Z column

Interior lighting of working area

Red guide for correct positioning of component before marking

High efficiency energy consumption

Small compact footprint

Retractable table to support the laser frame with a rack for the laser and PC.  This retractable table also protects the station during shipping

Standard 1d and 2d barcode capability (UID data matrix compliant)

Electronic & Mechanical Features

L-Box 100 x 100mm marking window (170 x 170mm option)

XL-Box 170mm x 170mm (option 210 x 210mm)

Marked part dimensions - max height 235mm, max length 500mm

Security class 1 configuration

PC based operation

Pulsed Ytterbium laser source

Operation mode pulses (20 to 80kKz)

Wavelength 1064nm

Optical fiber length 3m

Average power 10W, 20W or 50W

Peak power 10kw

Potitioning/focus - built-in laser pointer


The L-Box utilised the PC based SIC Laser Advanced software for creating files and parameters.  A full range of options is available in order to optimize the cycle time or improve contrast and colours, by changing mainly speed, frequency and power.


Easy to use Windows based programming interface

Multi lingual: English, French, German, Chinese (possibility to have other languages)

Full file editor (editing by keyboard and mouse)

Flexibility in specifying laser parameters (scanning speed, frequency)

File import and management with Windows (bmp, plt, dxf, ai, svg…)

Marking 1D and 2D codes (Data Matrix)

All true-type fonts available for marking 

Database integration


Marking System Dimensions

External Dimensions

L-Box 503 x 781 x 700mm

XL-Box 653 x 753 x 887mm

D Rotary Axis (electric version)

This option, available on any colum allows you to mark parts up to 35kg and with a diameter up to 250mm.  It marks long parts such as tube with a through chuck.

  • Control software included
  • 80mm drill chuck
  • Cable between the D axis and the marking controller
  • Bits set for clamping parts on the inside - max bore of the part 116mm tight.  
  • Bits set for clamping parts on the outside - 125mm max diameter clamping.
  • Third axis chip for the controller marking.

Fume Extractor

Vacuum apparatus to extract fumes and small particles produced by laser marking applications.  Delivered complete with a pre-filter, a submicron particle high efficiency filter and a carbon filter.  It complies with workplace legislation, prevents fouling of the marking lens.  Dimension 365 x 501 x 740mm.


Button Box

Box with on/off buttons with remote start/stop which allows remote start of marking cycles manually.  Easy plug in with 2.5m connection cable to controller.

Automatic Z Axis

The digital Z axis allows the marking head to access difficult areas or mark on several levels in one cycle.  

  • 50-250mm Z axis 
  • Sturdy design based on stepper motors and lead screw.
  • Makes use of two industrial grade guiding rails
  • Dedicated adapter plate to fit all marking heads.
  • Driven by third axis board integrated to the e8 controller
  • Only one connection rquried: to e8 controller
  • Advance speed: 50mm/s

Premium Plate Holder

Attaches to the marking system base and holds plate sizes up to 100 x 300mm.  Quick and easy clamping, it provides constant, repeatable marks.  Quick release for rapid change of part to mark.

laser marker - l-box & xl-box laser marker - l-box & xl-box - alternative image a laser marker - l-box & xl-box - alternative image b laser marker - l-box & xl-box - alternative image c laser marker - l-box & xl-box - alternative image d

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