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ME3000B Basic Marking Machine

The ME3000B is suitable for low volume marking applications.  It has a similar specification to the ME3000S without the timer function.  This means the operator needs to manually time the marking cycle to ensure marking consistency for each component.

  • Oxide or below surface etch marking.
  • 3 voltage settings with LED indicator.
  • Electronic overload/reset function.
  • 5 amp output.
  • 110-230v mains input voltage.

You may just need a standard marking kit but the equipment is modular enabling a wide range of configurations to suit your exact application. It may be that you are using long life photograhic stencils for applications where the information doesn't change but if you need to mark variable information, disposable stencils are a better option (used with stencil printer). Listed below are some of the most popular package options that other customers have chosen.


ME3000S Kit with PT3600 BRSK Stencil Printer
Ideal for variable information such as incremental numbering with max print height of 27mm using the 36mm stencil cartridge. Single and multi line text. Print resolution of 360dpi.

Kit Weight & Dimensions

Complete kit weight 11kg
Marking unit weight 4.7kg
Kit dimensions (lid down) 45cm x 26cm x 35cm
Kit dimensions (lid up) 45cm x 34cm x 54cm

Kit Contents List

  • One HM hand marking head with a pack of x10 spare felt pads
  • One Carbon marking head with a pack of x10 spare felt pads
  • Cordset
  • Earthplate
  • 1.6 amp x 20mm fuse for 220-240v use
  • Mains cable with plug
  • X5 125ml bottles of electrolyte of your choice
  • One stencil
me3000b basic marking machine me3000b basic marking machine - alternative image a me3000b basic marking machine - alternative image b

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