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Photographic Stencils & Die Impression

Photographic  Stencils are long life stencils and ideal for production marking for constant data such as part numbers and logos.  The stencils is produced from an artwork processed at UMS.  The life of these stencils varies but with most oxide marking, several thousand marks can be made from a single impression.

Our Art department will take your camera ready artwork of the image to be marked or we can produce an artwork for you.  Once the artwork has been approved we will produce the finished stencil for you.  There is also a small one off plate charge which is part of the stencils making process.  Please contact us for a quote.


Die Impression Stencils have been used successfully for many years and suitable for variable data marking applications such as serial numbers, date codes etc.  The stencil is produced using a typewriter or dot matrix printer so the quality will only be as good as the printer or typewriter.  It is often used for deep etch marking or short batch runs.

The stencil can be made into several formats depending on the application:

Stencil Sheets  

Normally has four impressions of the same image on a single sheet of stencil paper.  Large range of sizes range from 60mm x 180mm to 290mm x 650mm.  Please contact us for further details.



SM3 Stencils

Used with the SM3 Marking Head for marking on convex surfaces.  Sizes arnge from 20mm wide to 60mm wide.



Stencil Frames

Stencil frames are used with the ME3000P for machine placement of the stencil prior to marking onto flat surfaces.  Large range of sizes from 19mm x 40mm to 175mm x 200mm.



Stencil Caps

Mainly used with the ME3000P semi automatic marking unit or automated production line systems where the stencil cap is fitted over the electrode, making positioning easier and giving consistent marking.  They can be used for hand applied marking and can be supplied as curved caps for text on a radius.  Large range of sizes from 5mm x 12 mm flast stencil cap to 80mm x 80mm.  Please contact us for further details.



Strain Grid Stencils

Used for analysing stress in metal forming.  Used with ME96 and ME3000T (20 amp version).  Bespoke strain grid stencils can be made on request although we have a wide range of standard patterns.  A large range of sizes from 100mmx 280mm to 400mm x 280mm pattern size.

We have a number of grades to suit the application as follows:


Light grade blue stencil paper supplied in a 60mm x 6m roll (friction feed paper)

Tractor fed Light grade blue stencil paper (bonded and perforated)

133mm x 250 m roll

63mm x 10m roll

63mm x 250m roll

95mm x 250m roll

Heavy duty grade stencil paper in turquoise (the paper is gently bonded to keep it in place while typing).

60mm x 10m roll

60mm x 180mm sheet (100 sheets)

photographic stencils & die impression photographic stencils & die impression - alternative image a photographic stencils & die impression - alternative image b

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