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We like to think that with over 55 years of experience in part marking, we have digested (without wishing to sound greedy) an oversize portion of knowledge which we use to make sure you get the best advice when choosing a new system.

We eat, breathe and sleep marking and it's through constant product development, speaking to and visiting thousands of customers over the years and working with some excellent partners that we can pinpoint your exact needs.

From there we can provide the right marking equipment for your project be it standalone, portable or an integrated solution. And of course it doesn't stop there because we will then be on hand to support you whenever and wherever you need us.

Our Story...

It all started back in the early 1960's with a few clever engineers who busied themselves pioneering electrochemical marking technology which at that time revolutionised the possibilities for traceability and identification of components. It soon took off and here in the 1960's  the technology was quickly adopted by many companies including leading aerospace companies, using some of our original electrochemical marking kits for marking engine parts.


During the 1970's and 1980's the technology continued to develop, introducing new stencil technology and more fully featured marking kits, including strain grid marking for stress analysis in sheet metal forming as well as semi automated systems.

Distributors were introduced around the globe at this time to sell the electrochemical range. The 1990's saw a new marking technology developed called Dot Marking or Dot Peen. This indent form of marking was better suited to some applications but to this day is not designed for hardened parts, thin walled section and is a higher stress form of marking than electrochemical marking, but they all have their place. Today we sell the Technomark range of dot markers because they are really reliable and robust.

During the 1990's we also got pretty involved in production line integration projects primarily in the automotive sector. We now work with some key integrators to fulfil the larger integration projects.

The era of the 'noughties' saw the introduction of the Paintjet marking system normally used for Paint dot or paint line applications for inspection marking.


Whilst we can, of course, come and see you we normally have a brew on in the office and always welcome you to give us a call and pop in for a cup of coffee to see our latest products and let us know what you think of them.


Not wishing to leave out electrochemical marking, this too has been improved and developed significantly more recently, introducing software driven systems that comply with Aerospace and Nuclear standards, automated versions and ongoing development of even better stencil technology.  

It is often seen as old technology but these days is anything but.  It is still a very important method of marking rivalling the marking quality you can get from a laser.  But as we said, they all have their place depending on your application and budget.