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Multi4 Bench Dot Peen

The Multi4 bench model provides high speed, high precision controlled marking and is ideal for text, symbols and data matrix. It is perfect for marking small to medium sized parts in a fixed position and is very easy to use. 

  • Ideal for marking individual parts, batches or longer runs
  • Easy height adjustment of the Z axis with the quick release feature
  • Four marking window sizes to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes
  • IDI Unique Patented Technology by Technomark - Automatically analyses the distance between the part and the stylus, enabling it to mark components with height variations during the marking cycle, whilst providing the same consistent high quality marks
  • Quiet electromagnetic stylus technology

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Marking Window 

  • Compact: 50 x 60 mm
  • Standard: 120 x 60 mm
  • Large: 200 x 60 mm
  • Extra large: 200 x 200mm



  • Large high definition graphic colour screen (640 x 480 pixels)
  • IDI Unique patented technology by Technomark
  • Marks alphanumeric text, variable data inc serial numbers (can reset at a given value), date codes, logos and 2d datamatrix codes
  • Straight, angular, circular, radial marking
  • Easy shift function to graphically display the text movement in the window
  • Intuitive navigation by icons
  • Can move several marking lines at a time
  • Marking history reports downloadable
  • Communications: 2 USB ports for import/ 4 output connections (Ethernet option)
  • Drive for 3rd axis included, optional drive for forth axis (total of 4 axis)
  • 40mb of memory capacity - to accommodate up to 20,000 stored marking files (40 chars, 1 line)
  • Easy file transfer via USB port
  • Multi-lingual (21 languages)


Dimensions & Weight

  • Compact Marking Head: 145 x 144 x 226 mm (L x W x H) - 3.8kg
  • Standard Marking Head: 215 x 144 x 226 mm (L x W x H) - 4.1kg
  • Large Marking Head: 295 x 144 x 226 mm (L x W x H) - 5kg
  • Controller: 370 x 215 x 139 mm (L x W x H) - 3.7 kg
  • Controller weight with battery kit - 4.9kg


Kit Contents 

  • Multi4 Bench
  • Control Box
  • UK Power Cable
  • Bench Kit
  • Instructions
  • CE Certificate
  • Quick Start
  • Software & Manuals

Plate Support

  • Quick fixing and release of the plate utilising a magnetPlate Support
  • Maximum plate thickness: 1.9mm
  • Marking zone: 120mm x 60mm


Part Support

  • Ideal for marking various shaped parts; flat, concave, convex etc.
  • Quick positioning on base
  • Part SupportHolds part without any additional consumables
  • Easy to bolt onto bench


Automatic Name Plate FeederName plate feeder

  • Replaces the manual action of laying and fixing the plates by automatically feeding them into marking position


CommunicationsEthernet Port

  • Ethernet port


Motorized Z AxisElectric Z Axis

  • Electric Z axis moves the marking head up and down electronically, using the settings on the controller the operator can set the distance between the head and the part


Autosense Option

  • Autosense works in conjunction with the electric Z axis, it enables the marking head to move automatically to detect the part and begin to mark


Extended BaseExtended Bench

  • Additional base to assist marking of larger parts


Standard Rotary D Axis

  • Used to mark cylindrical parts
  • Rotation is automatically driven for high quality markingStandard Rotary D Axis
  • 100mm diameter chuck
  • Ability to mark parts up to 5kg


Heavy Duty Rotary Axis

  • Used to mark cylindrical partsHeavy rotary axis
  • Rotation is automatically driven for high quality marking
  • 125mm diameter chuck
  • Allows bars up to 30mm diameter
  • Ability to mark parts up to 10kg with a diameter of 80mm


Maintenance KitMaintenance kit

  • Contains necessary accessories and spares for operation of the Mulit4 marking head and controller


Start/ Stop Foot Pedal

  • Remote system to start/ stop the marking cycleFootswitch
  • Simple to use
  • Activated by the operators foot freeing the operators hands for holding the machine/ stabilising the part


Start/ Stop Box

  • Remote system to start/ stop the marking cycle
  • Simple to useStart stop box
  • Provides the operator with more flexibility whilst marking


Software Packs

  • Software packs available for your application

Software Pack


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