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Laser Marking

Laser Marking (also known as laser engraving) is an extremely efficient marking technology and provides high contrast, high quality, fast marking.  Laser marking allows manufacturers to automate marking operations and ensures a high level of control.

Fiber lasers are best suited for marking primarily on metals and some plastics when quality and accuracy are required.  We supply and support the SIC range of Fiber lasers which are available as desktop workstations or supplied for easy integration into production lines.

One of the L-Box and XL-Box's greatest assets is accessibility by opening on three sides for easy positioning of parts.  

Fiber laser marking is an extremely efficient technology.  The Galvo head is equipped with two mirrors which direct the laser beam for fast and precise marking.  Finally, a lens concentrates the signal power into a 30um beam.  
We have chosen to supply the Ytterbium-doped fiber laser for its reliability, power and low operating cost.

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laser marker - l-box & xl-box: laser marking

Laser Marker - L-Box & XL-Box
Fiber laser column mounted system provides versatile, high speed precision marking.