Deep Marking

Deep marking is often required when post marking treatments such as painting, galvanising or other coatings are applied and the mark still needs to be legible.

Deep marking can be achieved with all 3 marking technologies, Laser Marking, Dot Peen Marking and Electrochemical Marking.

Dot Peen Marking

The Multi4 dot peen marking range can achieve deep marks by delivering 2 or more dots with the advantage that there is no additional noise or strain on the machine, compared with conventional dot peen marking. By using the multi dot method of marking it makes it easier for the operator to hold the marking head in place. In some circumstances, ie vertical orientation of the mark, surface finish or on non magnetic materials, some form of clamping may be required, such as mechanical, vacuum or electromagnetic

Dot Peen Marking Depths

Aluminium – up to 0.6mm

Structural Steel – up to 0.4mm

Treated Steel – up to 0.35mm

Measuring Depth

For automotive, there are occasionally specific fonts required and for VIN marking a depth of marking of 0.2 is specified and for some Countries it is 0.3mm. Technomark have invested in the latest technology for 3d microscopes. It will perform analysis of the impact, impact shape and dot alignment. Where the depth of mark needs to be verified, sample material can be submitted to UMS for measurement and we can issue a full report with images of the mark

Electrochemical Marking

Deep etching can be achieved successfully with a range of metals including aluminium, titanium and inconel as shown in the image, as well as steels and brass. Deep etching takes longer than oxide marking but extremely good results can be achieved.