Tube & Pipe Marking

Dot Peen Marking Pipe & Tube

Dot peen marking can be used to mark pipe and tube along the length, around the diameter and radially around the end of bar.  The marking can be deep if required, often required in extreme environments such as in the Oil & Gas industry or if being painted or galvanised after marking.

Common marks required include 2d barcodes (data matrix), serial numbers, logos, alphanumeric data, symbols, date/time stamps etc.  

By marking tube and pipe the workpieces can be easily identified during production and also as finished product.

Handheld dot peen systems such as the Connect Easy are ideal for marking large pipes and with a 10metre wireless radius from the controller it is easy to take the marker to the pipe..   The Connect Combo with a rotary drive is suitable for marking around the diameter of smaller tube.

For marking on bar end we can provide a bespoke sized fixture making it fast to mark billets.

Laser Marking Tube & Pipe

Laser marking marking is fast for marking tube where speed is often a requisite in fast paced tube and pipe production factories.  The Graphix Laser workstation can mark a range of materials