Universal Marking Systems

Universal Marking Systems manufacture, supply and fully support a wide range of marking systems both in the UK and worldwide. With nearly 60 years of experience in the industry, we can ensure you receive the best equipment to meet your exact needs, be it a hand held operated systems through to a fully integrated solution.

In the picture opposite you can see one of the original electrochemical  machines which were designed for strained grid 

Our Story...

In the early 1960's UMS started with a few engineers who busied themselves pioneering electrochemical marking technology, which at that time revolutionised the possibilities for traceability and identification of components. It soon took off the 1960's the technology was quickly adopted by many companies including leading aerospace companies, using some of our original electrochemical marking kits for marking engine parts.

During the 1970's and 1980's the technology continued to develop, introducing new stencil technology and more fully featured marking kits, including strain grid marking for stress analysis in sheet metal forming as well as semi automated systems.

During the 1990's we got involved in production line integration projects primarily in the automotive sector. We now work with some key integrators to fulfil the larger integration projects. Distributors were introduced around the globe at this time to sell the electrochemical range. The 90's saw a new marking technology developed called Dot Marking or Dot Peen. This indent form of marking was better suited as a fast and versatile marking option that marks a wide range of materials. Today we sell the Technomark range of dot markers due to their reliability, robustness and excellent results.

Electrochemical marking has undergone significant development, introducing software driven systems that comply with Aerospace and Nuclear standards, automated versions and ongoing development of even better stencil technology.

We introduced laser marking to our range of solutions after the turn of the millennium and have since supported the Technomark Graphix laser.

Our products range from handheld dot peen, to fully integrated systems to lasers and we strive to accommodate every specification of your marking requirements.

We're always willing to do onsite visits, however our doors are always open for anyone with a query, interest in seeing our products or just to talk marking solutions. Please get in touch if you would like more information.