Logo Marking

Identify & Create Brand Awareness

All 3 marking technologies (laser, dot peen and electrochemical) can create high quality logos on a wide range of materials in sizes to suit your component or product.  There are a number of reasons you may want to consider putting a logo on your product:  to discourage counterfeit copies of your product, to make your products easily identifiable and build your brand image.

Logos with Electrochemical Marking

Electrochemical marking is extremely fast for marking logos onto your product whether they are small or large.  You can choose to create a high contrast black logo on stainless steel for example or a below surface etch on materials such as aluminium and brass.  Our long life photographic stencils are produced at 2400dpi so even the most intricate logos can be marked onto your components with very high definition.  Marks are created in a few seconds which makes it a very fast, yet economical way to apply a logo to your component.

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Logos with Laser Marking

Thanks to the high precision Graphix Fibre Laser you can create high contrast, high definition logos on a range of materials.  The fibre laser can create black marks on steels or laser engrave below surface. Anodised aluminium will give a white mark when laser marked.  Some plastics mark well with this type of laser including ABS which gives a colour change.  The Graphix Laser allows you to easily import logos directly for marking.

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Logos with Dot Peen Marking

Dot Peen marking can create logos both in bench mode and hand held mode enabling logos to be added to both small and very large parts.  The dot spacing can be changed to create an almost continuous line appearance if required.  The logo creation software makes it easy to create and import logos into the Connect and Multi4 range of dot peen marking machines.

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