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Electrolyte Solutions

Electrolyte solutions are an essential component for electrochemical marking.  The correct selection of electrolyte is extremely important as this is a criticial factor in determining the quality of the mark.  We supply a range of electrolytes for marking most metals, as well as a number of approved high purity electrolytes for the Aerospace and Nuclear industries.

All electrolytes are water based and full Material Safety Data Sheets can be dowloaded from this website.  

Electrolytes are suplied in 1 litre bottles or can alternatively be supplied in packs of x6 125ml bottles.

Neutralising is required with some electrolytes to ensure the pH balance remains neutral.  This can be supplied bottled or in a handy "Neutrawipe" dispenser.



We also supply de-ionised water which is often used for Aerospace grade applications as well as Stencil Cleaning Solution.