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Marking Software

Marking software for our electrochemical marking systems gives much greater versatility to stencil production.  Not all electrochemical marking applications require software for stencil production but the software options provide a high degree of functionality for variable marking applications including data matrix.  For advice on the most suitable software for your application please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

UMS Label Direct

Label Direct is powerful yet easy to use stencil creation software which outputs stencils via a 300dpi thermal printer, utilising our POD disposable stencil paper. Using direct printer control, it removes the need for a Windows printer driver and any associated settings complexity.


Label Direct Software


Some Key Features:


En Label Software

Fully featured stencil and label printing software which connects to multiple printers without the operator having to select the correct printer as each file stores your printer settings with it.



Key Features


DCM Software (Design, Control, Mark)

DCM is often used for more complex applications, particularly where there are multiple metals being marked as the software can ensure the correct marking settings are used for each marking program setup.

DCM is a front end dynamic database application utilising the features of EnLabel above to create a stencil template.  It reduces operator error by only allowing the operator to enter the data to be marked.  The software can link with the ME3000T marking unit so that when the stencil ahs printed, DCM recalls the correct program for that particular stencil to nesure the correct settings automatically download for the component to be marked.



UMS Solo 2

Standalone Stencil Production System

The standalone Solo 2 allows stencil templates to be designed on a PC and transferred to the printer directly, onto an SC card, then using the keyboard connected directly to the printer, simple PC independent stencils are produced.

It enables companies to design templates in any format with data matrix codes, images, text, symbols and other graphical elements all exactly as they will be printed.


This means no PC is needed on the shop floor.

The keyboard unit is used to recall the file and to add any variable information, then the stencil is printed via a thermal printer.  The printer has dedicated software installed and additional fonts can be saved onto the SD card.

UMS Solo 2 software utilised Label Direct above and is easy to operate with almost all the features of UMS Label Direct.  Stencil content can be sourced at print time from database records, keyboard input and other sources.

The system is highly secure as the template format cannot be changed and there is no access to the network or internet.  Simple keyboard operation with custom display prompts, utilising an LCD screen.  It has a small footprint and no mouse or monitor is required.  It has a robust construction for industrial use.

PC connects via USB (cable supplied) and the keyboard connects to the printer via RS232 interface.


BRSK Stencil Software

The practical yet powerful P-Touch Editor software allows users to make customised stencil layouts for their marking applicatoins and is supplied with the BRSK stencil tape labelling system.



Some Key Features