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Marking Spares

A range of marking spares and accessories are available.  Please contact us for further information or download the catalogue for partnumbers.

Cord Sets

Replacement cord sets available in 1m, 2m or 5m length.





For use with the ME3000T/ME3000S marking units.  Allows hands free control to start the marking cycle.




Earth Plate

Connects to the output cord set earth cable (green cable) enabling the component to be placed on the earth plate to complete the electrical circuit.  This is used when the conventional earth clip on the cord set cannot be used.




Cleaning Blocks

Used for smoothing and cleaning the comonent surface prior to marking if necessary.  Coarse grade in blue and finer grade in brown.




Work Tidy

A convenient moulded tray with earth plate and earth connection.  Recessed pockets ideal for holding 125ml electrolyte bottles and marking heads.  Easy to wipe down and keep work area clean and tidy.


Terminal Rings

The electrical connector used on most marking heads. Avialable in packs of 5.