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Integrated M4 Inline

The M4 Inline is the best marking solution for automated production lines, manual loading stations and custom engineered systems.  Designed to be easily integrated in a computer controlled or PLC controlled environment.

Easily integrated into any production line with the adaptability of vertical and horizontal positioning, it is the ideal solution for efficient cost effective integrated part marking. 

  • Robust: Frame moulded aluminium. Each axis is fitted with a ball bearing and a transmission system with automatic compensation
  • Ergonomic: Vertical or horizontal positioning. The marking head is easily adaptable to any rackmount configuration due to a handy connection at the back of the machine
  • Adaptable: The mounting connection cable can be connected at the back or on the top of the marking head to facilitate easy integration into the production line. (Three mounting bracket positions are available)
  • Flexible: The first integrated marking equipment fitted with a 16 bus card for greater time efficiency (more info in technical data tab)
  • Carbide tungsten stylus with a 90 degree angle (60 or 120 also available).
  • IDI - Intelligent marking. Marks continuously between flat and curved surfaces with automatic adjustment managed by Multi4 software
  • Low maintenance: Missing part detection, control of the marking tool (broken stylus/worn out spring etc.)
  • Automatic detection of incomplete marks
  • Two options to choose from for the marking head
  • Quiet electromagnetic stylus technology

Marking Windows

  • Standard: 50 x 55 mm
  • Medium: 120 x 55 mm



  • Large high definition graphic colour screen (640 x 480 pixels)
  • IDI Marking
  • Various marking models, text, variable data, serial numbers (can reset at a given value), date codes, logos and 2d codes
  • Straight, angular, circular marking
  • Easy shift function to graphically display the text movement in the window
  • Intuitive navigation by icons
  • Industrial USB keyboard
  • RS232 connection, 16 bus card, Ethernet, 2 USB ports, device and host
  • Embedded software
  • 40mb of memory capacity - to accommodate up to 20,000 stores marking files (40 chars, 1 line)
  • Multi-lingual (21 languages)


Weight & Dimensions

  • Standard Marking Head: 148 x 160 x 242 mm (L x W x H) - 3.7kg
  • Medium Marking Head: 235 x 160 x 242 mm (L x W x H) - 4.4kg
  • Control box: 240 x 245 x 110 mm (L x W x H) - 2.8kg


16 Bus Card Info

  • Fully configurable - function type definition (input or output)
  • Easy setting - action selection based on a proposed list
  • Time saving - easy installation
  • Reduction of global investment: automatic clearance of limitation and extra wiring
  • Optimisation - reduction of potential production outages
  • Easy to set up


Kit Contents

  • Cable
  • Protective Cover
  • M4 inline fixing kit (screws included)
  • Control unit power cable
  • Sub-D25 connector
  • USB keyboard


Maintenance KitMaintenance kit

  • Contains all the necessary accessories and spares for operation of the marking head and controller.


Cable OptionCable options

  • 5 or 10m cable options



  • Software packs available for your applicationSoftware


Adjustable Mounting Bracket

  • Enables the positioning of the marking head to be adjusted for optimum marking of the part


Rack Mount Fixture

  • Rack for the controller to sit in, keeping it neat, tidy and out of the way


Quick Mounting Back Fixing Plate

  • Effectively a seat for the marking head to sit in
  • Easier manouverability of the marking head


100% Electric Linear Axis (200mm run)

  • Linear Z axis movement to suit all types of integration
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