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ME3000T Advanced Marking Machine

The most advanced and versatile electrochemical marking machine available for all your marking needs including 2d barcode/data matrix mark and read applications. From hand held to fully automated systems.

Additional features not available with the ME3000S Standard Kit
  • 15 user definable programs (11 preset for common materials/applications). Programs can be locked down to prevent editing.
  • Clear twin line angled LCD display.
  • Can utilise UMS Label Direct software for creating stencil layouts and full software control over the marking unit and other third part devices (see software in Accessories)
  • Can download stencil templates and marking data to a smart standalone keyboard to remove the need for a PC at the marking station.• Combined marking option gives a light etch followed by a black oxide mark in one operation.
  • Meets Aerospace standards including Mil130 and UID.
  • Timer function in .25 second increments up to 29.75 secs for very fine marking control.
  • Audible buzzer on completion of mark.
  • Oxide delay function gives a higher quality mark for certain metals.
  • Resetable usage counter.
  • Multi-lingual – available in 6 languages.
  • 6 output voltage settings
  • 20 Amp model available.
  • USB connectivity to allow your marking settings to be downloaded from a PC and also marking unit setting to be uploaded to a PC if required.

Other features:

  • Can be used with ME3000P Air Jig.
  • Manual marking mode for fast marking of very large images.
  • 5v to 30v output voltages in 5v increments allows more precise settings, eg faster etch rate at higher voltage and better quality mark at low voltages on some metals.
  • Function indicator (oxide/etch), countdown timer and digital amp meter all designed for ease of use.
  • Electronic overload/reset function.
  • 10 amp model as standard, 20amp model also available.
  • 110-230v mains input voltage.

You may just need a standard marking kit but the equipment is modular enabling a wide range of configurations to suit your exact application. Listed below are some of the most popular package options that other customers have chosen.


D800 web          ME3000T Kit with BRSK Stencil Printer 

 Ideal for variable information such as incremental numbering with a max tape width of 36mm. Single and multi line text. Take a look at the full BRSK printer range here.


ME3000T Kit, UMS Enlabel Software, Thermal Printer, PODs Stencil Paper.

Ideal for variable information such as incremental numbering, data matrix etc with print width of 55mm and 105mm. Software enables custom templates and data to be created or downloaded. Utilises POD disposable stencil paper.


Solo Keyboard and Software for Thermal Printer above
Stencil templates designed on a PC can be instantly transferred to this smart standalone keyboard for simple PC independent stencil production using the Thermal Printer.



ME3000T Complete Marking Workstation for Enlabel or DCM Software

The ME3000T Kit with either of the software options above can be supplied with printer, marking kit and barcode reader/scanner if required in a ready to use portable workstation trolley.

Marking Kit Feature Comparison





 Programmable  yes    
 Pre-set programs  yes    
 Oxide and etch mark  yes  yes  yes
 Combined oxide and etch mark  yes    
 10amp model  yes yes   5Amp
 20amp model  yes    
 Voltage output settings  6  3  3
 Timer  **  ***  
 LCD Display  yes    
 Resetable usage counter  yes    
 End of marking cycle buzzer  yes    
 Multi-lingual  yes    
 Rear accessory socket  yes  yes  
 USB interface  yes    
 110-230V mains input voltage  yes  yes  yes
 Output delay function   yes    
 Use with ME3000P air jig  yes  yes  
 Electronic overload/reset   yes  yes  yes
 Continuous output  yes  yes  yes
 Timed output  yes  yes  
 Text on an arc  yes*    
Datamatrix codes yes*    
Approved for Aerospace applications yes    


* - Using LabelDirect, Enlabel software for DCM for text on an arc and data matrix applications

** - Dual programmable timer.

*** - Programmable length and on or off.

Kit Weight & Dimensions

Complete kit weight 12kg
Marking unit weight 5.5kg
Kit dimensions (lid down) 45cm x 26cm x 35cm
Kit dimensions (lid up) 45cm x 34cm x 54cm

Kit Contents List

  • One HM hand marking head with a pack of x10 spare felt pads.
  • Cordset
  • Earthplate
  • 1.6 amp x 20mm fuse for 220-240v use
  • USB cable
  • Footswitch
  • Mains cable with plug
  • X5 125ml bottles of electrolyte - ME3, ME5, ME6, MN1, MN2
  • Housed in a wooden kit box 

For Aerospace and Nuclear applications our high purity 'MA' electrolytes will be added to the kit instead. These are independently lab tested to ensure the purity levels meet the demands of the most stringent Aerospace standards. 

me3000t advanced marking machine me3000t advanced marking machine - alternative image a me3000t advanced marking machine - alternative image b me3000t advanced marking machine - alternative image c

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