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Multi4 Combo Dot Peen

The high powered Multi4 Combo offers both a benchtop and a handheld marking machine in just one system enabling the marking of all types of part from the smallest to the largest

  • Benchtop converts to handheld portable marking machine in under 10 seconds.
  • Two marking window sizes - 120 x 60mm and 50 x 60mm
  • Robust cast aluminium body construction
  • High resolution colour screen with easy to use icon based navigation
  • Easy height adjustment of the Z axis with quick release feature
  • Support foot and controller handgrip for optimum control
  • Quick file transfer via USB port
  • Variable marking force including deep marking
  • IDI Unique Patented Technology by Technomark - Automatically analyses the distance between the part and the stylus, enabling it to mark components with height variations during the marking cycle, whilst providing the same consistent high quality marks
  • Very low maintenance
  • Quiet electromagnetic stylus technology

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Marking Window

  • Compact: 50 x 60 mm
  • Standard: 120 x 60 mm



  • Large high definition graphic colour screen (640 x 480 pixels)
  • IDI Marking
  • Various marking models, text, variable data, serial numbers (can reset at a given value), date codes, logos and 2d codes
  • Straight, angular, circular, radial marking
  • Easy shift function to graphically display the text movement in the window
  • Intuitive navigation by icons
  • Can move several marking lines at a time
  • Marking history reports downloadable
  • Communications: 2 USB ports for import/ 4 output connections (Ethernet option)
  • Drive for 3rd axis included, optional drive for forth axis (total of 4 axis)
  • 40mb of memory capacity - to accommodate up to 20,000 stored marking files (40 chars, 1 line)
  • Multi-lingual (21 languages)


Dimensions & Weight

  • Compact Marking Head  145 x 266 x 226 mm (L x W x H) - 4.8kg
  • Standard Marking Head 120: 215 x 266 x 226 mm (L x W x H) - 5.3kg
  • Controller: 370 x 215 x 139 mm (L x W x H) - 3.7kg


Kit Contents 

  • Multi4 Handheld
  • Control Box
  • UK Power Cable 
  • Bench Kit
  • Instructions 
  • CE Certificate
  • Quick Start
  • Software & Manuals

Plate Support

  • Quick fixing and easy release of the plate utilising a magnetPlate support
  • Maximum plate thickness: 1.9mm
  • Marking zone: 120mm x 60mm


Part Support

  • Ideal for marking various shaped parts; flat, concave, convex etc.Part Support
  • Quick positioning on base
  • Holds part without any additional consmables
  • Easy to bolt onto bench


Battery KitBattery kit

  • The rechargeable battery kit allows the operator to work without a primary power source


CommunicationsEthernet Port

  • Ethernet Port
  • 8 input/ output cards


Extended BenchExtended Bench

  • Additional bench to assist marking larger parts.


Standard Rotary D AxisRotary D Axis (standard)

  • Used to mark cylindrical parts
  • Rotation is automatically driven for high quality marking
  • 100mm diameter chuck
  • Ability to mark parts up to 5kg


Heavy Rotary D AxisRotary Axis

  • Used to mark cylindrical parts
  • Rotation is automatically driven for high quality marking
  • 125mm diameter chuck
  • Allows bars up to 30mm diameter
  • Ability to mark parts up to 10kg with a diameter of 80mm


Maintenance KitMaintenance Kit

  • Contains accessories and spares for operation of the Multi4 marking head and controller


Cable OptionsCable 5m and 10m

  • A 3m or 5m cable is available for the connection between the marking head and controller allowing flexible movement for the operator.


Software PacksSoftwar

  • Additional software packs available for your application


Protective CoverProtective Cover

  • Designed to protect the marking head in extreme environments
  • Available for the compact, standard or large marking heads


Start/ Stop Foot Pedal

  • Remote system to start/ stop the marking cycleFootswitch
  • Simple to use
  • Activated by the operators foot freeing the operators hands for holding the machine/ stabilising the part


Start/ Stop BoxStart/ stop

  • Remote system to start/ stop the marking cycle
  • Simple to use
  • Provides the operator with more flexibility whilst marking


Additional HandleAdditional handle

  • Additional handle on the top of the marking head to enable better handling



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