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Connect.series Combo

2-in-1 dot peen marking station combining a handheld portable and bench configuration in one system. The new easy to use software enables marking within 3 clicks. The Combo dot peen marking station has been designed to be extremely versatile.  

This innovative design allows you to change from a bench top marking solution to a portable and wireless solution in less than 10 seconds.  

The bench mode is ideal for small to medium sized parts whilst the portable configuration allows the operator to move within a 10 metre range of the controller to mark large, heavy, or hard to reach parts.  

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Product Details

  • Features

    • Marking window 120mm x 60mm
    • Controller has large 10" colour touch screen in tempered glass with extremely easy to use intuitive software for all levels of user
    • Wireless communication between the marking head and controller utilising secure Wi-Fi connection protocol
    • Mark flat and curved components with 5 in 1 support foot as well as easy marking on uneven surfaces
    • Mark all types of data including alphanumeric, datamatrix codes, graphics, logos etc
    • Multiple force settings allow for deep marking if required
    • Latest technology 22V lithium ion battery in the head for hours of cable free marking when in handheld mode
    • Quick release column function enables quick and easy height adjustment of the column when changing to different sized parts for marking
    • Easy shift function moves the marking stylus on the marking head simultaneously as text is positioned on the screen for easy setup
    • Marking head has technical plastic shell with protective bumpers
    • Illuminated marking area
    • Excellent connectivity with 3 USB ports and Ethernet as standard
  • Technical Features

    • Mark parts up to 290mm high as standard, optional 150mm column extension
    • 5-in-1 support foot allows marking on small and large cylinders with two pairs of locating V's.  Magnetic support on the foot for secure positioning as well as an anti-slip foot.
    • IDI (Intelligent Driving Impact) patented feature automatically adjusts the distance betweent he part and stylus during marking enabling marking over uneven surfaces from 3-8mm heigth difference
    • 22V lithium ion battery in the head allows marking either in 100% battery mode when using as a handheld or use in plug-in hybrid mode to ensure continuity of production in case of low battery
    • Predictive maintenance built-in to notify operator
    • 3 USB Ports (connection to keyboard, barcode reader 1d and 2d and USB stick plus Ethernet port.
    • Vesa 100 fixings on controller for universal mounting if required
    • Intelligent software offering 3 user modes - operator, supervisor and administrator
    • Licence pack for increased functionality - USB Production tracker, font creator, custom HMI, RFID log on head or controller
  • Accessory Options

    • Rotary Drive
    • Column Extension
    • Dedicated trolley for Combo system