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M4 Inline

The M4 Inline is a production line solution for fast and reliable integrated marking with patented IDI technology, which analyses the distance between the stylus and component and automatically adjusting in order to mark height variations within a marking cycle.

  • Significantly reduces production downtime duration
  • Consistent high quality mark on every component
  • Operator peace of mind guaranteed
  • Flat, curved or irregular surface marking
  • Dimensional variations are automatically detected
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Product Details

  • Features

    • Patented IDI technology enabling marking over multi-height components
    • Missing part detection
    • Blank marking tracking
    • No camera requirement, minimising equipment cost by 40%
    • Automation pack allows a complete integration of the traceability function
    • 16 bus card for greater time efficiency and productivity
    • Marking head is adaptable to any rackmount configuration 
    • Robust molded aluminium frame
    • X and Y axis both have linear feeds with anti backlash to provide accurate repeatability and quality of mark
    • Carbide tungsten stylus with 90 degree angle (available with 60 and 120 degrees)
    • Large high definition graphic colour screen (640 x 480 pixels)

    • Intuitive navigation by icons
    • Easy shift function to graphically display the text movement in the window
    • Straight, angular, circular marking
    • Various marking models, text, variable data, serial numbers (can reset at a given value), date codes, logos and 2d codes
    • Multi-lingual (21 languages)
  • Technical Data

    Weight and Dimensions

    • Marking window: 50x55mm
    • Marking head: 138x124x225
    • Weight: 3.7kg

    Power and Environment

    • Power: 250W
    • Frequency: 50-60Hz
    • Input power: 90-240V
    • Operating temperature: 0-45 degrees celsius
    • Industrial USB keyboard
    • RS232 connection, 16 bus card, Ethernet, 2 USB ports, device and host
      Embedded software
    • 40mb of memory capacity - to accommodate up to 20,000 stores marking files (40 chars, 1 line)

    Marking head configurations

    • Head 50 (50x55mm)
    • Head 120 (120x55mm)
    • Head 200 (200x55mm)

    16 Bus card info

    • Fully configurable - function type definition (input or output)
    • Easy setting - action selection based on a proposed list
    • Time saving - easy installation
    • Reduction of global investment: automatic clearance of limitation and extra wiring
    • Optimisation - reduction of potential production outages
    • Easy to set up

  • Accessories

    Kit Contents

    • Cable
    • Protective Cover
    • M4 inline fixing kit (screws included)
    • Control unit power cable
    • Sub-D25 connector
    • USB keyboard