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Electrolyte solutions are an essential component for electrochemical marking. We supply a range of electrolytes for marking most metals, as well as a number of approved high purity electrolytes for the Aerospace and Nuclear industries. The correct selection of electrolyte is extremely important as this is a critical factor in determining the quality of the mark.

Every batch of our Aerospace and Nuclear grade electrolytes are independently lab tested to measure purity levels to ensure they meet them most rigorous standards.

All electrolytes are water based and full Material Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded from this website.

Electrolytes are supplied in 1 litre bottles or can alternatively be supplied in packs of 6 x 125ml bottles.

Neutralising is required with some electrolytes to ensure a balance pH level. 

We also supply de-ionised water which is used for Aerospace grade applications as a neutraliser, as well as Stencil Cleaning Solution to increase the longevity of your photographic stencils.

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Product Details

  • MA electrolytes

    Nuclear and aerospace grade, independently lab tested electrolytes

    • MA01, MA02, MA03,  MA04, MA05
    • The lab test results are printed on each bottle along with the manufacture and use by date.  A full certificate of conformity can be ordered on request. Download MSDS sheets
  • ME Electrolytes

    Commercial grade electrolytes

    • ME02, ME03, ME04, ME05, ME06, ME08, ME09, ME11, ME13, ME15, ME16, ME17, ME20, ME25, ME26, ME28
    • All our electrolytes are manufactured in the UK onsite at UMS and are mostly available on short lead times.  
  • MN Neutralisers and MS Stencil Cleaners


    • MN01 & MN02 are our two neutraliser for our ME range of electrolytes.  When neutralising we recommend using a dry clean tissue each time.  Apply a little neutraliser and wipe over the marking area to removed any residue of electrolyte and then wipe dry with another piece of dry tissue.

    MS Stencil Cleaners

    • MS05 & MS06 are recommended for cleaning  photographic stencils if you use them.  It keeps the stencil clean and in the best condition to give you consistent good marks and it will also extend the life of the stencil.