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Marking Heads

Our marking heads are used for hand applied electrochemical marking and are suited to both oxide and below surface etch marking.

We have two types of marking head which come in a number of different sizes:

  • The HM Series which has a stainless steel electrode - the handle is plastic and the electrolyte is applied manually
  • The Carbon Head Series which has a carbon electrode - three handle types can be used including two with a reservoir assembly for easy and clean electrolyte dosing

Both heads can mark flat and curved surfaces. See below for more information.

Also available are our saddle markers, perfect to use on cylindrical parts where the flexible electrode wraps around the tube and rocker markers that are ideal for large marking areas. The saddle markers come in two ranges, one for hand marking and one that works with the ME3000P.

For more information on custom carbon heads, please contact us directly.

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Product Details

  • Carbon Marking Head Series

    • Variety of sizes and can be machined to size and or include a radius for marking small cylindrical items, either convex or concave.  The carbon electrode is supplied fitted with a felt and clamping ring together with a spare felt.  
    • Three handle options:
      • A reservoir for easy dosing of electrolyte
      • The Remote Start Handle  which integrates the footswitch so the operator simply has to press the marking head down to start the marking cycle
      • The HA stainless steel handle
    • Carbon heads approved for aerospace specifications
    • Carbon head standard range:
      • M8a 12x12mm
      • M8b 12x24mm
      • M8c 12x36mm
      • M7mm 12x48mm
      • M7nn 12x60mm
      • M7ee 24x36mm
      • M8f 12x48mm
      • M8s 24x60mm
      • M8v 35x65mm

      Please get in touch to discuss applications for custom sized and shaped carbon heads

  • HM Marking Head Series

    The HM range of stainless steel electrode based heads are easy to use and suited to both oxide marking and also deep etching.

    • The electrolyte is applied manually to the pad by the operator
    • Approximately 5-6 marks can be applied before the electrolyte needs to be replenished.
    • A deep etch bridge is available which enables deeper marking when etching
    • The gridpads come in packs of 10 and are easy to change when needed

    HM standard range:

    • HM5 13x31mm
    • HM6 16x38mm
    • HM7 22x41mm
    • HM8 15x64mm