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ME3000S Standard

The ME3000S is ideal for marking a wide range of components with either a permanent black oxide mark or a below surface etch mark. It features a timer to enable consistent marks on each component.  Electrochemical marking does not deform the surface of the material so is also ideal for thin wall section, critical components, very large, awkward shaped parts and fully hardened parts.   Our systems are approved for Aerospace and Nuclear with a range of high purity lab tested electrolytes and  our stainless steel electrolyte has been cytotoxicity tested for safe use on surgical instruments/implants.  

If you are marking multiple metal types we would recommend the ME3000T as it allows you to create and store program files so the settings for each material are easy to retrieve when needed. 

The ME3000S Marking Kit comes with everything you need to get started except the stencil (see options below).

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Product Details

  • Features

    • Ideal for marking alphanumeric data, logos, graphics, datamatrix, serial and part numbering, date codes, batch codes, timestamp, symbols etc
    • Create a black oxide mark or a below surface etch (engraved look)
    • Marks a wide range of conductive metals including steels, aluminium, titanium, inconel, alloys, brass and copper. See below for more examples
    • Use with our long life photographic stencils for logos and non changing information or make your own stencils for marking variable information with our thermal stencil printer options
    • Option to use a barcode scanner to scan a job card and download data to be marked directly to stencil printer or import from a spreadsheet or database
    • Unit is  timer controlled from 1-10 seconds to ensure the marking cycle is replicated each time
    • A wide range of marking heads are available to suit your exact application
    • Can be used with ME3000P Air Jig for semi-automatic marking
    • Example metals: Aluminium, stainless steel, high chrome steel, high carbon steel, mild steel, tool steel, chem black steel, brass, bronze, carbide, cast iron, chrome plate, cobalt, copper, gold, hastelloy, inconel, magnesium, monel, molybdenum, nickel, nickel tin, nimonic, pewter, radio metal, silver, tin, titanium, zinc & alloys, zirconium, nobium and alloys
  • Technical Data

    Pre-Set programsNo
    Oxide outputYes
    Etch outputYes
    *Etch + oxide outputNo
    10 Amp modelYes
    20 Amp modelNo
    Voltage output settings3
    LCD displayNo
    Resetable usage counterNo
    Audible buzzer indicates end of cycleNo
    Rear accessory socketYes
    RS232 InterfaceNo
    110-230V mains imput voltageYes
    Output delay function for curved surfacesNo
    Use with ME3000P Air JigYes
    Electronic overload/reset functionYes
    Continuous output Yes
    Timed outputYes

    Kit Weight & Dimensions

    Complete kit weight 11kg
    Marking unit weight 4.7kg
    Kit dimensions (lid down) 45cm x 26cm x 35cm
    Kit dimensions (lid up) 45cm x 34cm x 54cm

    Kit Contents List

    • One HM hand marking head with a pack of x10 spare felt pads
    • Cordset
    • Earthplate
    • 1.6 amp x 20mm fuse for 220-240v use
    • Footswitch
    • Mains cable with plug
    • X5 125ml bottles of electrolyte of your choice 
    • Spare fuses
    • Housed in a wooden kit box
  • Options

    Fixtures to Improve Productivity

    We have in-house design capability utilising Solidworks CAD software, 3D printing and a workshop for making bespoke fixtures, tooling, enclosures and marking workstations. Here are a few examples of some low cost fixtures we have made for electrochemical marking for exact stencil locating on the part and also to enable faster marking cycles.