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Die Impression Stencils

Die Impression Stencils have been used successfully for many years, they are suitable for variable data marking applications such as serial numbers, date codes etc. As well as deep etch marking or long batch runs. 

The stencil is produced using a typewriter or dot matrix printer so the quality will only be as good as the printer or type writer. We recommend and supply a 24 pin dot matrix printer (see Printer tab for further information). As well as a stencil roll holder that is available as an optional extra.

We have a number of grades to suit all applications:

  • Light grade blue friction fed stencil paper supplied in 60mm x 6m rolls
  • Llight grade blue traxtor fed stencil paper, bonded and perforated. Supplied in several dims: 133mm x 10m or 250m roll, 63mm x 10m or 250m roll and finally 95mm x 250m roll. 
  • Heavy duty grade stencil paper, gently bonded to keep it in place while typing. Supplied in 60mm x 10m roll or 60mm x 180mm sheets (pack of 100).

24-pin dot matrix printer for use with TF die impression paper and enlabel software

Package options are available for the ME3000TME3000S and the ME3000B Marking Units.

Feature TFDMPrinter01
  High duty, high quality 24-pin dot matrix printers for stencil printing
Print speed 576cps
Print Quality 24-pin print head delivers sharp, detailed text
Display n/a
Maimum print height
Memory Via PC
Realtime clock & timestamp
Automatic cutter
Re-chargeable battery No AC mains 
Ports Connection to PC for use with enlabel software
Mirror/vertical & rotate printing
Supplied with carry case No
System requirements PC 
Network ready No
die impression stencils

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