Marking on Plastic

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Utility Tanks

Technology Type:

Dot Peen Marking


The customer required a marking solution that would easily integrate into their semi-automatic work station, with the ability to time stamp the part.

Technical Details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Characters: 13
  • Lines: 2
  • Marking cycle: Less than 20 seconds
  • Force: 1
  • Mark type: Time stamp


The integrated M4 inline 50 is used on this production line to time stamp utility vehicle tanks for the automotive industry.

The marking machine is integrated into a semi-automatic work station. The operator manually places the part on the marking station, where it is clamped then tested for sealing. If the part is compliant the marking process will begin.

The 16 way-card is used to test the machine and the synchronization with other steps.

The marking solution is also equipped with a pneumatic Z axis which allows the marking head to move horizontally to the next piece to be marked.