Did you know…? You can achieve laser quality marks at a fraction of the price with electrochemical marking.

Friday, 23rd September 2022

High quality, low cost electrochemical marking that is manufactured in the UK and meets aerospace standards


The versatility and low cost of electrochemical marking makes it the ideal technology for applying permanent high quality marks to conductive metal surfaces regardless of shape, thickness or hardness.

UMS manufactures electrochemical marking systems in the UK that delivers fast, high quality black marks or below surface etch marks that are virtually stress free. UMS have two ranges of electrolytes that are manufactured onsite in the UK ensuring quick lead times. The general ME range is suited for general applications and our MA range features high purity electrolytes and each batch is independently lab tested to ensure it meets the most stringent Aerospace standards.

UMS have marking specialists that can advise which electrolytes are best suited to your application and fast delivery times ensure your production lines run smoothly.

Get in touch with one of our marking specialists to discuss your application on 01420 565 800