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Interesting Data Matrix and Barcode Facts

Tuesday, 17th October 2017

1. The Kraays of Alberta, Canada, managed to carve the world's largest QR code into a corn maze at their farm. Measuring 309,570 square feet, the code is one of a series of annual corn mazes devised by the family, which received a certificate from the Guinness World Records in 2012.

2. More than 5 billion barcodes are read every day around the globe!

3. The first product ever scanned with a bar code was a pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum in Ohio in June 1874.

4. The QR code (Quick Response) was first created in Japan in 1994. It is a 2 dimensional barcode readable by camera phones. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

5. QR codes don't have to be black and white – As long as the contrast between the dark and the light areas is great enough for your camera phone to read.

6. The maximum capacity for an ECC-200 Data Matrix code is up to 3116 numeric characters or up to 2335 alphanumeric characters or up to 1555 bytes of binary information in a symbol 144 modules square.

7. Due to the way a data matrix is encoded, and with built in error correction, a code can normally be ready with up to 20% damage to the code.

8. A data matrix code can be small enough to fit on a pin head.

9. Did you know that you can read a data matrix code back to front.

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