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RSH Redesign

Wednesday, 29th November 2017

We have recently redesigned our RSH for Electrochemical Marking; now a lightweight and ergonomic marker that's even easier to use! 

The RSH removes the need for the footswitch as a simple press of the marking head starts the marking cycle. The new design also incorporates the earth pin and electrolyte feed for mess free marking. 

The RSH is available with 3m or 5m cable and can be used with the ME3000T or ME3000S marking units. 

The RSH can be supplied with a carbon marking head which delivers real benefits:

The remote start handle can be used with stencil caps and stencil frames as well as disposable stencils. Stencil caps are often used with machine applied marks as the stencil is fitted to the marking head for pre-alignment. It removes the need for placing the stencil manually on the component before marking. They can also be used for hand marking applications, for example, where an inspection mark is required. Mostly used with long life photographic stencils but can also be used with disposable stencil paper. Stencil frames are useful for simple jigs and fixtures. 

The new ergonomic design of our Stencil Caps fit directly onto a Carbon head and can be used with the RSH to repeatedly mark a number of parts with the same stencil. These caps can also be fitted to a pneumatic machine or a bespoke marking system for marking large batches where the mark needs to be consistent. The RSH can be used in conjunction with Stencil Frames and loose stencils if variable information is required or the mark covers a large surface area. 

Carbon head & stencilMArking head

Contact us now on 01420 565 800 or info@ums.co.uk for more information.

RSH Redesign
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