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Versatile Part Marking Solutions from UMS

Monday, 30th July 2018

The Multi4 dot peen marking range has fantastic versatility with a modular approach: 1 control unit, 1 interface, drives any of the 5 configurations; mini, benchtop, handheld, integrated and combo (combined benchtop and handheld in 1 system). With a range of different sized marking heads you can choose a system that meets your exact requirements. 

Thanks to the intuitive icon driven interface, create a marking file and mark within seconds. 


Unique features:


Intelligent Driving Impact 


IDI - this intuitive feature detects any difference in height in the surface of the material, making it ideal for marking undulating or uneven surfaces whilst maintaining the same high quality marks. Has the ability to mark some diameters without the need for a rotary drive unit. 


Click here to take a look at the Multi4 video.

Versatile Part Marking Solutions from UMS
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