Stainless Steel Bellows Marking


Stainless Steel Bellows

Technology Type:

Electrochemical Marking


The customer needed to mark stainless steel bellows for vacuum pumps, with a data matrix mark in a repeatable manner. Including incremental values embedded in the data matrix code. The mark was to be applied to the flat end of the bellows. It was a very unusual shaped part with the marks required at either end. The cycle time had to be as low as possible whilst maintaining the high quality of the mark.

Technical Details:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Mark type: Data matrix/ logo


The UMS manufactured ME3000PC semi-automated electrochemical marking system was custom made to incorporate base plate tooling and to allow the end plate of the bellows to be marked either pre-welded or post-welded onto the bellows.

UMS stencil software was used for the company logo and stencil design with a thermal stencil printer built into the system to allow semi-automated marking.

The customer benefits include improved traceability, reduced part marking time, brand awareness increased due to marking of the company logo as well as the ability to put a data matrix code onto the part that was easily readable.