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ME3000PC Automated Marking System

The ME3000PC is a semi-automatic marking system ideal for marking serial numbers, part numbers, date/batch codes, datamatrix codes and even logos all in one operation.  Also suitable for marking nameplates and other flat surfaced components. The ME3000PC utilises the ME3000T Marking Unit.

  • Used with a PC and UMS Stencil Software.
  • Utilises the ME3000T 20Amp Marking Unit.
  • Pump fed electrolyte delivery which is clean and mess free and even recycles excess electrolyte.
  • Auto winds the stencil material directly from the thermal printer and rewinds automatically after marking.
  • Stencil image quality of 300dpi.
  • An automatic timer ensures the marking cycle time is correct, giving consistent repeatable marks.
  • Only manual intervention to place the part.
  • System footprint is 700mm x 550mm.

This is not applicable to this machine.

Kit Weight & Dimensions

Footprint 700mm x 550 mm
other details tbc

Kit Contents List

me3000pc automated marking system

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