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ME3000T Advanced

The most advanced and versatile electrochemical marking machine available for all your marking needs including variable data marking, alphanumeric, 2d barcodes, logos and symbols. Meets requirements for Aerospace marking applications. The ME3000T Kit comes with everything you need to get started (except stencils).  

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Product Details

  • Features

    Additional features not available with the ME3000S Standard Kit

    • 15 user definable programs (11 preset for common materials/applications). Programs can be locked down to prevent editing.
    • Clear twin line angled LCD display.
    • Can utilise Enlabel Professional Software for creating stencil layouts as part of the POD Stencil System
    • Can mark a wide range of metals including titanium which requires the .25sec timer control below
    • Timer function in .25 second increments up to 29.75 secs for very fine marking control.
    • Audible buzzer on completion of mark.
    • Oxide delay function gives a higher quality mark for certain metals.
    • Resetable usage counter.
    • Multi-lingual – available in 6 languages.
    • 6 output voltage settings
    • 20 Amp model available.

    Other features:

    • Can be used with ME3000P Air Jig.
    • Manual marking mode for fast marking of very large images.
    • 5v to 30v output voltages in 5v increments allows more precise settings, eg faster etch rate at higher voltage and better quality mark at low voltages on some metals.
    • Function indicator (oxide/etch), countdown timer and digital amp meter all designed for ease of use.
    • Electronic overload/reset function.
    • 10 amp model as standard, 20amp model also available.
    • 110-230v mains input voltage.
  • Technical Data

    Feature ME3000T ME3000S ME3000B
    Programmable yes
    Pre-set programs yes
    Oxide and etch mark yes yes yes
    Combined oxide and etch mark yes
    10amp model yes yes 5Amp
    20amp model yes
    Voltage output settings 6 3 3
    Timer ** ***
    LCD Display yes
    Resetable usage counter yes
    End of marking cycle buzzer yes
    Multi-lingual yes
    Rear accessory socket yes yes
    110-230V mains input voltage yes yes yes
    Output delay function yes
    Use with ME3000P air jig yes yes
    Electronic overload/reset yes yes yes
    Continuous output yes yes yes
    USB interface
    Timed output yes yes
    Text on an arc yes*
    Datamatrix codes yes*
    Approved for Aerospace applications yes

    Marking Kit Feature Comparison

    * - Using LabelDirect or Enlabel software

    ** - Dual programmable timer.

    *** - Programmable length and on or off.

    Kit Weight & Dimensions Complete kit weight 12kg Marking unit weight 5.5kg Kit dimensions (lid down) 45cm x 26cm x 35cm Kit dimensions (lid up) 45cm x 34cm x 54cm

    Kit Contents List One HM hand marking head with a pack of x10 spare felt pads. Cordset Earthplate 1.6 amp x 20mm fuse for 220-240v use USB cable Footswitch Mains cable with plug X5 125ml bottles of electrolyte - ME3, ME5, ME6, MN1, MN2 Housed in a wooden kit box For Aerospace and Nuclear applications our high purity 'MA' electrolytes will be added to the kit instead. These are independently lab tested to ensure the purity levels meet the demands of the most stringent Aerospace standards.