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Electrochemical Marking

Automated Electrochemical Marking

Duration: 0:28
Electrochemical marking semi automatic system. Ideal for variable data.

Data Matrix Marking

Duration: 0:50
Metal marking system for data matrix codes and human readable data. Meets Aerospace standards. Fully programmable system. Instant disposable stencils. Can be used with the ME3000PC for automated production line marking. Can mark curved components.

Electrochemical Marking with Instant Stencils for Variable Info

Duration: 0:33
Electrochemical part marking using instant stencils at 360dpi ideal for variable data marking applications.

Marking Brass

Duration: 0:39
Electrochemical etch marking on a trumpet. Ideal for marking logos, part numbers, serial numbers. Instant stencils.

Marking Stainless Steel

Duration: 0:16
Electrochemical marking of a stainless steel exhaust pipe. Long life stencil ideal for high volume marking of non variable data.

Dot Peen Marking

Flexmark Combo

Duration: 0:0
The flexible and modular Flexmark Combo provides an affordable direct part marking solution combining two models; the Bench and the Handheld all in the one system offering unrivalled price/performance in the market. Perfect for marking both small and larger parts.

Flexmark Mini

Duration: 0:0
Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable the Flexmark Mini is perfect for marking large, difficult to reach parts. With its unique and well designed ergonomics it allows quality, precise marking in any position due to its intuitive 360 degree handling.

M4 Inline

Duration: 0:0
The M4 Inline is the best marking solution for automated production lines, manual loading stations and custom engineered systems. Designed to be easily integrated in a computer controlled or PLC controlled environment.

Multi4 Bench

Duration: 0:0
The Multi4 bench model from Technomark provides high speed, high precision controlled marking and is ideal for text, symbols and data matrix. It is perfect for marking small to medium sized parts in a fixed position and is very easy to use.

Multi4 Combo

Duration: 0:0
The high powered Multi4 Combo from Technomark offers both a benchtop and a handheld marking machine in just one system enabling the marking of all types of part from the smallest to the largest

Multi4 Handheld

Duration: 0:0
The Multi4 Handheld model from Technomark provides advanced high precision consistent marking, it is perfect for accurately marking large parts and difficult to reach surfaces. This robust, yet lightweight and compact marking system is fully portable allowing greater mobility to the operator with the option of working remotely with a battery kit.

Multi4 Integrated

Duration: 0:0
Reliable, flexible and compact the Multi4 Integrated model from Technomark is easily integrated into semi-automated or fully automated production lines.

Multi4 Mini

Duration: 0:0
Innovative new ultra-compact design from Technomark allows positioning of the head in any orientation. The unique shape ensures even weight distribution for easy handling and positioning

Multi4 Product Range

Duration: 0:0
The Multi4 is an innovative 4 in 1 concept, providing marking solutions in 4 different configurations: Combo, Bench, Handheld and Integrated.

Laser Marking


Duration: 0:0
Graphix; the innovative all in one laser marking system from Technomark provides fast, high quality marking solutions. Ideal for complex and various shaped parts